Effective February 20, 2024, McAfee customers must use sitelookup.mcafee.com.

Only categorization requests submitted to sitelookup.mcafee.com will be reflected in McAfee products from this date.

Customer URL Ticketing System

Check Single URL

This page provides you the option to check if a site is categorized within our databases. It also allow you to suggest an alternative categorization for a site after a URL has been checked. The majority of submitted requests will be addressed within 3-5 business days. There are occasions when additional review is necessary which will extend a response beyond that five business day period.

Please select the product you are using. Selecting the appropriate product will provide the correct categorization information to be displayed for you.

Please type in a URL to look up the categorization.

Note: this Web-based service is designed for occasional use by individuals. If you have hundreds or thousand of URLs you would like to test, please write to us about your needs. Most often, we can provide timely analysis of your request. If we see heavy use of this Web-based service by automated programs, we reserve the right to deny access.

Please email us at sites@trellix.com and we will gladly work with you.